Why do we need aspartame?


A terrible thing happened.

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"What are you laughing at?" "Your face."

Should he sign it into law?

Jessie's long hair was completely wet.

The directors were reluctant to undertake so risky a venture.

An absence of rain caused wild plants to die.

He said the treaty must be approved as written.

He cried as if he were a boy of six.

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I do not know whether that is what Casper wants or not.

The spare tire is in the trunk.

You wanted to avoid war at the price of dishonour.

He remained silent, which made her still more angry.

Walk across the bridge.

He joined the United States Navy.

The youngest boy dropped behind the other hikers.

Keith showed his room to me.

They can't be more than five minutes away.

Perhaps I should leave.

He says he will come.

I'm just planning ahead.

My daughter is tweeting now.


Most constellations don't really resemble the creatures or characters they are named after.

I like opera.

We'll learn the truth soon.

We need to get rid of them.

That would take all day.


There is a large pile of rubble where the school building used to be.

To the best of my knowledge, the rumor is not true.

Developing political awareness takes time.

How far is it from here to Hakata?

Sangho denied the accusations.

You may not come in.

She is a woman worthy of admiration.


Everything you've heard is true.

Is it always a sin to tell a lie?

I have a pet train I sometimes take to work. It makes the office all sooty though.


I'm anxious to meet her.


The snow caused me to miss the train.

The police suspected that Sandip was a drug dealer.

He looked left and right.

School clubs need to clearly outline the community service projects they plan to do for the upcoming school year.

Isidore probably thought I was happy.

We'd better talk.

The actor looked his part.

"It's still shallow, eh. My feet still touch the bottom." "It's quite a shallow beach. Yotsuba, you can still touch the bottom can't you?"

They succeeded in putting an artificial satellite in orbit.

I used to play a lot of tennis.

Have you heard Perry speaking French?

Everyone opposed it, but Sally and Bob got married all the same.

This is a very strange letter.

"Are you friends with Subra?" "Yes, she's my roommate."

I don't want to refute this outworn idea.

Let's not invite her.

Ginny did have fun.

Jones gave a bone to his dog.

I know what got him rattled.

The students learned many poems by heart.

I mowed Clayton's lawn.


Now, think about England and Wales, and imagine them divided into smaller parts.

Vince might not be happy.

Have I changed that much?


I can do anything I want.


I must be careful with how I sit in this cheap IKEA office chair, to make sure that the two screws poking through the synthetic cover don't prick me in the thighs.

I don't know both of the sisters.

Let's not keep them waiting.

The path through the canyon seems steep.

Those people contributed greatly to world peace.

I told Cris I was happy.

There is but one chance left.

I had some help.

The woman stopped and looked at him.


I didn't know that depending on which sect they belong to, priests don't necessarily have to shave their head.

She lives alone in the large house.

There's no point arguing with Bryan.

I want Louie to wash the car.

You didn't give them a chance.

Please listen to me carefully.

This will continue.

From the viewpoint of health, Tokyo is not such a good place to live.

He hates sports.

It has already happened.

Even a black hen lays white eggs.

Ronald doesn't listen to mainstream music.

I just showed it to you.

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Model your manners on his.


Hurry up, Sumitro.

Are you ready to start?

Don't be so naive.


You've been captured. Surrender!


My father is young.

Did Pandora remember to do what we asked him to do?

Throw down your weapons.

Socorrito got home at 6:30.

I like baseball, too.

It was because she had faith in his capabilities.

We're getting pretty good at doing this.

What would you do if you met a lion here?

We went out in spite of the rain.


I'll deal with this problem later.

He consented on the spot.

Is there anything you want to talk about?

Kylo needed the money badly.

Please tell me the truth ; is there a Santa Claus?

The assessment of communist countries is positive overall.

The pain caused by love is much sweeter than any pleasure.

I do not want to cause you any trouble.

Fletcher failed the test, just like Erik predicted.


I don't know one single English word.

There is no connection.

Have you hidden anything?

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I don't think you've ever met Jordan.

How much of a discount can you give?

You should be more thoughtful of your safety.

Do you enjoy making me feeling like the dead?

Now do you see?

Are you interested in Shirley?

If I have made a mistake, excuse me.

Naoto and Barbara are more or less the same weight.

I did what she'd asked me to.

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The developing world and the developed world can prevent a war from breaking out by helping each other.

Hannibal crossed the Alps with an army.

Copernicus worked at many different jobs. He was a doctor, lawyer, author, judge and tax collector.


Jamie is dead.

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Did you buy a new phone?

Would you care for a drink?

You have one hour to get this done.

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She is in the habit of jogging before breakfast.

There is strong shadow where there is much light.

Their daughter Chelsea was born in 1980.


In the town there was a measure of peace.

Who gave her that black eye?

I wish I could be more specific.

How nice of you to come.

Vicky has trouble reading.

My sister bought five yards of cloth.

I'm adaptable.

Japan depends on the Middle East for 70% of oil it consumes.

Bryan, we'd like you to come with us, please.

Cindie says he doesn't have very much money on him right now.

Please don't be offended.


Some programmers seem to forget that writing good documentation is as important, if not more important, as writing a good program.


I assumed that you were in charge.


I like to check my Facebook account.

She has another man in her life.

My, but you're nice.

It is certain that he is the tallest of us all.

He went to Brazil and stayed there.

He asked his teacher for advice.

That's how it has to be.

I have a nodding acquaintance with her.

She seldom, if ever, goes out after dark.

Dimitry doesn't think we can pull this off.

Her charm is compounded by her gaiety and kindness.

I can't believe he renounced his U.S. citizenship.

His father won't come, he's very busy.

You and I will run.

If I join the gym, will someone go with me?

How do you like Kazan-city?

I might take you up on that.

I said step away.

Darren stopped immediately.


Your time is almost up.

They're armed with guns.

What did I just tell you?

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The river flooded the entire region.

My mom likes my brother more than me.

Phill helped Ernst move the furniture.

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Piercarlo believes that Latin is not a dead language.